PH-2 Superphaser Mods

The two issues I always had with my phaser were 1) it gets mushed out in the mix and 2) it is a one-trick-pony that I really only used for rotating speaker emulations. These mods gave me a whole new device, especially my Pulsar mod.

  • LFO Disable Switch converts the phaser into a cool filter/EQ
  • LFO Pulsar Mod for a very unique Throbbing phaser
  • Output Gain Mod for a beefier output

These mods are of my own design and I have not seen them anywhere else. The schematics are well documented and available all over the internet. BOSS, SUPERPhaser, and PH-2 ARE TRADEMARKS OF THE ROLAND CORPORATION AND ARE USED FOR REFERENCE ONLY. THIS SITE IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE ROLAND CORPORATION IN ANY WAY.


Here are the schematics for the PH-2. Click on a picture to enlarge it.
The top schematic is the bare unedited design.
The lower schematic shows the 2 ares of interest for these mods: the LFO circuit and the output mixer/amplifier.


  1. Has anyone performed these mods?
    Does anyone have any sound clips?

    Great Site

    The info is greatly appreciated!!!

    email me at if you can please!

  2. Hi No comment on these mods, but my PH-2 do not pass audio when switched on.
    NE571 changed, all opamps OK, any ideas?


  3. Interested in doing the ACA to PSA mod, to remove the annoying transistor and resistor. No idea what I'm looking for - can you help?



    1. Hi Jamie,
      Remove D5 & R9 and replace with wire links. This should do the trick. Regards, Kevin.

  4. can anyone tell me what value the trimpot located on the VR board is? i'd like to swap it with a linear potentiometer and mount the knob on the pedal, but i can't figure out what the numbers on the trimpot mean:

    103.81 is what it says.



    1. Hey, just wondering... Did you ever experiment with that trimpot? I'm curious about its function. Thanks!

  5. Just a heads up to the author of this blog - there is another website who is "selling" these mods... for $30.00 apiece. And I am pretty sure that they ripped them all from your blog.

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  7. Question for PH-2 Modders, I would love your ideas on methods for increasing overall low end response from the pedal, there is a touch too much sheering of the bottom to my liking. While I love everything else the pedal can do, Id like to increase the low-end a little. I have tried a couple of things but thought I would inquire. Thanks.